Brazilian Koa Wood Large Handrail System

We sell several components that make up our solid Brazilian Koa Handrail System. This guide will show you how to assemble them to get a beautiful Brazilian Koa deck railing.

Our Large Decking Handrail System uses the following components, which can be found in our price lists:

  • Rail Cap (Lg. Handrail)
  • Subrail
  • 2 X 2
  • 5/4 X 4

Given the nature of Brazilian Koa Wood, we recommend predrilling all screw holes.

1.   Attach the Subrail to the 2x2 baluster, screwing it in from the top.

2.   Attach the 5/4x4 base rail to the 2x2 baluster, screwing it in from the bottom.

3.   Place the Large Rail Cap over the Subrail. Screw the Large Rail to the Subrail from the bottom.

4.   The completed railing should have no visible screw holes.

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