How to Install Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fasteners

Deck builders recommend the ExtremeKD™ line of Ipe Clip® Deck Fasteners because they provide exceptional holding power and enhance the structural stability of a Brazilian Koa deck. It also helps that these hidden deck fasteners leave the deck surface unmarred by screws or nails. They also allow for the natural expansion and shirnkage in the kiln-dried decking.

Deck Fastener Installation Instructions

1.   We recommend using pregrooved deck boards, since this will greatly speed up installation. If you are using standard deck boards, you will need to groove them yourself.

2.   Insert an Ipe Clip® Hidden Deck Fastener into the groove.

3.   P redrill a pilot hole. Then drive a stainless steel screw through the fastener and into the joist at a 45° angle.

4.   Slide the next deck board into place, making sure to leave a 1/16" gap between boards.

For boards at the end of the deck where hidden fasteners won't work, we recommend using the face screw/wood plug method.

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