Prior to Installation…

Before you even begin to install your new Brazilian Koa deck, you must let the wood acclimate. Wood is an organic material that will absorb moisture or release moisture until it has equalized with the surrounding air. This can cause the deck boards to contract or expand.

This acclimation process can take a few weeks, so make sure you leave plenty of time in your schedule to allow for it. Failing to let the wood acclimate will cause your finished deck to warp, buckle, and crack.

Follow these steps to properly acclimate your Brazilian Koa decking:

  • Store the wood outside in an area similar to the final installation site.
  • You can stack the deck boards, but make sure to keep the stack elevated off the ground, and use spacers between each layer so that the air can flow freely across every board face.
  • Do not cover the wood under a tarp or other covering, as this will prevent the moisture content from reaching the proper level